How to Travel Smart

By February 19, 2016Travel & Vagabonding

I am sure we have all done this at some point in our lives. Arriving at the airport, and hearing the words, “boarding ticket and passport please.” And you hit that sinking feeling, as we reach into our pocket to feel nothing but chewing gum and some old screwed-up business cards. With 20 mins until my flight left for San Diego, there was no chance of catching a taxi back home to pick my credit cards and ID to make my flight in time. When ever we face a problem in life, we have two options:

1. To give into the issue/ situation we are faced with;

2. Make the most and do everything you can to get yourself out of the situation you are currently in.

So how do you get onto a plane with no passport and ID and get yourself out of what was a cheap flight into a very expensive situation. Take option 2 and make the very best out of the situation you are in.

More notes on “How to Travel Smart.”

1. Clear me.

CLEAR is the fastest and most predictable way to get through airport security. Being a CLEAR member means you can breeze right past the long lines and go straight to screening.

2. CheapoAir

I have found that this is generally one of the cheapest when it comes to travelling around in America. Also, is another one. Try RyanAir and EasyJet for Europe. I have caught flights for as little as $30 to Dublin and $45 to Amsterdam round trip.  Again with the cheaper airlines, be careful as they try and recoup their cost on charges elsewhere. Things like charging for heavy baggage, and not checking in 24 hours before the flight. So read between the lines.

3. JetSuite 

Private jets for reasonable prices. With empty space on private jets to pick up the next billionaire, they might as well fill them. Visit JetSuite and then “Deals.” There are 4 and 6 seat private jets for as little as $500, or around $125 per person. You can also look atBlackJet if you have some extra spare pennies kicking around.

4. PreCheck

Sign up for this here. Save taking off all your shoes, belts and get in a special, usually faster security line.

5. Less is more

I was fortunate enough to spend 7 weeks doing an internship in the Seychelles and packed my entire wardrobe and wore the same shorts and polo shirt for about six weeks for the trip. I did wash them, may I add. We wear 20% of the same clothes  80% of the time. Leave the wardrobe at home! For toiletries this can all be minimized as well.  You can buy small travel size goods for going away with. I even cut my toothbrush in half on my last trip. There is no need to pay for luggage. All can be carried on with you, unless you are moving location for a long time.

6. Share a Taxi

Once arriving at the airport of your location, make conversation with people who are around you and see where they are going. You have just come off a plane with 300 or so people on it, there will be one person or a couple heading in a similar destination. Ask them if they want to split a cab with you and share the fare. Find the people who look like they are on holiday as opposed to on business. You will hear more yeses than no’s with a person in a Hawaiian shirt compared to a tie!

7. Airport Food 

Unless you like paying $14 for a 6/10 salad, I would go without. One way I found a way around this, is to make a Bullet proof coffee before I leave for the airport. This will keep you going for at least 5-6 hours without feeling a like you have to eat.

Last of all, travel smart, well and safe!