Weekend Freedom At Last

Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur 2014.

I want you to ask yourself these questions;

  • Do you have a free weekend if your boss, customer or employees contacts you informing that you have messed up?
  • Do you have a free weekend if you get a call from your boss on a Sunday, telling you that you missed an assignment?
  • Do you have a free weekend if you get a call from your customer, demanding you for information about a problem with an order?

I hope this has never happened to you, but if it has, I have joined the club too. I rarely check email, as most of my work is over the phone.  The photo above was taken on a Sunday afternoon in 2013 at The Post Ranch Inn. I had just graduated university, yet I was in the mix of living a life that evolved around my phone. These three instances  happened to me, and it ticked me off and it’s not going to happen again. I am taking the blame and responsibility for both, as I did not create any disciplines or principles around my actions. Welcome to weekend freedom.

The New Weekend Boundaries. 

1. Do not answer calls which you do not recognize/ unknown numbers.

Why? Answering calls from unknown numbers enables other people to be in control.  It enables other people to take you down a road mentally which you may not want to go down on a Sunday evening when you are trying to relax.

2. Do not check voicemail. 

Checking your voicemail gives you even less control. You may as well invite someone into your living room when you are trying to relax and let them tear through it like a whirlwind. None of these cases need to happen. You can implement the following, which I set up recently.

Hi, you have reached the voice mail of Chris Baker. I am unable to return all calls and I am currently not checking voicemail. If you are trying to reach me and only if it is urgent, please feel free to text me with the matter at hand, and I will get back to you when I can.  All the best, and hope you are having a great day. Chris. 


These are principles that enable you to stay in control of your environment. Let me know if any of these principles may be of use, and if you have any similar boundaries set in place.

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