#TheMonthlyDose – Numero 4

By October 13, 2016The Monthly Dose

Hi All!

Here is your monthly dose of some of the small and unusual findings I have come across this month.

New reading material 

Shoe Dog by Phill Knight. Stories about love, competition and business.

“Business is like a war without bullets.”



I also finished Setting the Table by Danny Meyer. Recommended by a good friend who owns a group of restaurants in San Fransisco. You may never walk into a restaurant the same way again. Fancy a quick read of it – I have made book notes on it- here. 

The best breakfast in the world?

Super simple and easy to make. Prep to serve time 10 minutes. Vegetarian and keto friendly. It will keep you feeling full for hours. High in fat and protein.


  • 1x Avocado
  • 2x Organic Eggs.
  • 3 Slices of Hualumi
  • Season with: Olive Oil & Sea salt.

New website I am spending time on

Examine does lengthy reports on supplements and nutrition.

Something I am thinking of doing (but taken ZERO action) 

Iron Man in Brazil next year. If you fancy doing it with me, I would love for you to join. When I competed in the Iron Man in Napa Valley earlier this year. They stamp your age on your right calf. I can’t tell you how many men and woman in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s – where racing past me. You have nothing to fear, we can drag each other across the finish line. We have seven months to get ready 🙂 My biggest takeaway and lesson learned from my first Iron Man can be found – here.

Music I am enjoying:

Vanilla Origin – I have pretty much woke up and played this every morning for the last three weeks. Would call it “soft focus.”

Album Cover - Vanilla Origin.

Album Cover – Vanilla Origin.


As ever, thanks for reading! Hope October treats you well.

Kia Kaha,