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I discover and dig deep on a lot of incredibly random things each week. To keep note of them, I have decided to share them. So here are some of the peculiar things I have discovered this month that I have recently implemented in my life. If you wish to subscribe, and to guarantee you don’t miss the next one. Just sign up above. (Next to where it says “Yes Please”). Enjoy.

#1. Meditation. I have mentioned a lot about this in my previous posts. Meditation has been one of the most rewarding things I have discovered. Right up there with total immersion swimming 🙂 We’re all stressed and work too much. If you haven’t meditated this is your simple non-religious way. Try the 10-day challenge. 10-mins a day for 10-days.Treat your hear right.


#2. Hacking  Sleep . Consuming almond butter before bed can help stabilize your blood sugars if low. Which will prevent you from waking up feeling groggy. For more, read the full post here –Sleep better..


#3. Habit Tracker – If you want a fantastic app to track your progress. Download “Way of Life.” This is by far, the best habit tracker on the market. I have tried them all, nothing actually comes close.


Way Of Life App.

#4. Supplements – Trying two new brands – After Glow and Tri-Flex. both with he aim to speed up recovery. I am potentially doing an Iron Man in a few months. I have yet had the balls to signup. Half Marathon first in San Fransisco, in two weeks. Baby steps.


#4 Reading – One of my goals this year, was to read 2 books a month. The two books I read in January were -Extreme Ownership and The E-Myth. Both highly recommend.


5# Observed –  I have been fortunate enough to meet many inspirational people recently. And I have noticed a common theme with the very best. One thing I have noticed,  is that the very best are fantastic at delegating their time, and just doing one or two things really well each day and focusing on the few really big things that really matter. The majority of things we spend time worrying on can wait.


#6. Best app – Swift Key.  Super fast and efficient way of texting. Download it, it’s awesome.


#7 Philz Coffe -I was fortunate enough to meet Phil Jaber. Founder of Philz Coffee this month. Here are a few things I learned from him He was awesome!


  • Do things your way
  • Money is the last thing you chase. Make people’s lives happier, easier and better.
  • Always be satisfying other people’s needs and wants as best as you can.
  • Learn with your eyes and ears. There’s no better education.
  • Pay attention to all the things you LOVE to do. Write them down and keep doing them.
  • Don’t be like anyone else. Just be yourself.

#8 – Bikram – Only took one class. Watching 60-year-old men get in positions I could only dream of, may mean I need to spend more time on this.


9# – Long runs – Getting lost for a very long time. Just run with no real plan or idea where you are going. Leave the phone behind, just take a credit card so you can stop off a cafe or restaurant along the way. Then turn back and come home. It is freedom at its best.


Bakers Beach, SF

What were have you discovered recently which you have loved?

If you enjoyed this post and want to discover more applications or resources that could potentially upgrade your life, let me know below.

Love, Chris.