“You are looking tired already Baker”

I had swum 4 lengths. And I panting like a worn out dog.

It was my first swimming lesson since I was a toddler. And for good reason, In under 6 months time,  I was going to be competing in two Iron Men.

70.3 Iron Man – June 4th Kona, Hawaii and 140.6 Iron Man July 31st, Sonoma, California.

I have had very few lessons, where I walked away from the lesson a different standard to when I walked in.

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the very best golf instructors around the world. More often than not, I left confused and not even being able to keep the ball in the driving range the next day.

This was no more than a 30-minute swim lesson,with a good friends dad. Who has taught swimming the majority of his life,

It was simple and effective. What every great instructor should always fall back on.

When things get too complicated, more often than not. It is time to go back to the basics.

Here are the notes from the lesson. Hope you enjoy.

Let me know below if this helped you below.

Step one 

Watch these two videos.

  1. Tim Ferriss on Total Immersion Swim Technique 

  2. Total Immersion Freestyle Swimming Demonstration

Step two 

Practical notes to implement on the above.

  • Find your side to breath on. Ie if you are right handed, you want to be breathing on the left side as that will be the highest point out of the water.
  • Keep your head down on each stroke. Your head carries all the weight. Keep the chin tucked in when fully submerged. Eyes looking directly down at the floor of the pool.
  • Belly button rotation: Using the total immersion technique you should feel as if your belly button should be hitting left side of pool then right side.
  • Swimming can be treated like a golf swing, all your power comes from your big muscles. Gluts, hips and core rather than your arms.
  • Breathing: You should never be out of breath when swimming. It should be like walking, very fluid motion. Focus on a constant breathing beat when you are swimming.

That is it.

Try taking just one of the points in step two into practice at a time. Try not to overload when applying new technqiues. Master one at a time, and move on.

Best of luck and let me know how it goes.