Pratical Thoughts On Motivation

Coming out of the Water. Kona Iron Man 70.3 Swim

I was terrified of signing up and  committing to an Iron Man. I put it off for nearly 3 years. The more you put something off, the greater the fear seems to grow. The longer it takes for you to conquer it. Some of the reasons why a dream can turn into a 3-years of procrastination.

  • Fear of failure and not being able to complete the challenge at hand.
  • Fear of what others may think if I did not complete.
  • Fear of wasting a lot of money.
  • Fear of the time invested.

Motivation is like a warm bath, It wears off. The cost of not doing something may be a more effective way of approaching what you like to do with your time. It was these words,  from one of my favorite books that pushed aside that 3-year procrastination and sparked me to take action.

“For all of the most important things, the timing always sucks.

The stars will never align and the traffic lights of life will never all be green at the same time.

The universe doesn’t conspire against you, but it doesn’t go out of its way to line up the pins either. Conditions are never perfect. 

“Someday” is a disease that will take your dreams to the grave with you. 

Pro and con lists are just as bad. If it’s important to you and you want to do it “eventually,” just do it and correct course along the way.”