New York Hidden Gems

By February 29, 2016Travel & Vagabonding

Top 10 places to visit whilst in New York? Best tourist experiences in NY? Best restaurants and bars in New York City?


After walking every street and only catching the subway once during the four days I was in New York. Here are some places which the tourists books do not tell you and the locals do.

During the Day

Staten Island Fairy & The Snug Harbour Botanical Gardens.

This is a fantastic way to start your day if you have just landed in New York. Take a walk down through Wall Street and catch the FREE fairy to Staten Island. The journey will last around 25 mins and will take you right past The Statue Of Liberty. Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York, it known as one of the largest landfill sites in the world, most people just get on the ferry and come straight back to the main island. However, as you exit the ferry building take a left and walk down to the 911 memorial. Shown below, it is a pretty special place and looking directly over where the Twin Towers used to be.10

Keep walking along the waterfront and you will reach The Snug Harbour Botanical Gardens.w34

Hacking Wall Street

Once you come back from your ferry ride walk into Wall Street. You will come across “The Charging Bull.”  The iconic symbol of the Finical District, The Charging Bull was placed as a way to celebrate the can-do spirit of America and especially New York, where people from all other the world could come regardless of their origin or circumstances, and through determination and hard work overcome every obstacle to become successful. It’s this symbol of virility and courage that Arturo saw as the perfect antidote to the Wall Street crash of 1986.


The Occupy Wall Street poster.


After speaking to many locals, there are three places one must go to when in the Finical district. 

Fancy a coffee?  Blue Spoon Coffee. 


Fancy a pint? – Fraunces Tavern


Hungry – Cobblestoned Street 


Places for lunch and small bites to eat in New York.

1. Italian French – Sant Ambroeus 


2. Choose a book from the shelf, order a coffee and a bite to eat and make your way upstairs into the library. Escape the city noise atBirch Coffee.


3. The home for the famous Cronut, which is a combination of a croissant and a doughnut. Make sure you get there before 9 o’clock or the line will take you around the corner of the street. There are stories of when the Cronut first hit the streets, of them selling for as much $250 on the streets for those who were not fortunate enough to get there hand’s on one. If you can’t get your hands on one the DKA is just as good. Dominique Ansel Bakery


4. The home of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone 2, The Plaza is one of the famous hotels in New York. If one is not keen on paying the $800 price tag per night to stay in one of their luxury rooms, afternoon tea start at $60. To get in the hotel bar, you have to get past the hotel security which  prevents members of the public who are not staying at the hotel from entering.  Just say something along the lines of: “I am checking in later this evening,  and you I am waiting for my guests to arrive.” And watch the doors open to the great hall.


Where to go in the evening?

Cigar Lounge & Jazz Club – The Carnegie Club 


For all you meat eaters – Quality Meats 


Winning meal & drinks that you will not forget – Vitae 


Whiskey, wine and cocktails – Jazz Standard


Four other things one should experience.

1.The Highline.


2. Mysterious Bookshop 


3. Mc Nulty’s Rare Teas & Coffees


4. Harney & Sons