For as long as I can remember, upon waking up I would reach for my computer or phone and check my social network accounts and then check my email. What is going on that In the world that I have missed overnight? What have my friends and people I follow been up to in the last 5 hours that I haven’t checked?  This may be even what you do?

Unloaded like a shrapnel from a bomb into my unconscious mind upon waking up;

  • Malware installed mysteriously overnight onto my computer. Taking me the best part of a day to fix it.
  • A customer informing me over 5 paragraphs, that the world has come to an end because his order has not arrived. Despite only being 48 hours since initial payment.
  • Still no response and nothing but silence to the best part of half a dozen of people  who I reached out to for advice on a particular topic.
  • The seller informing me that they had sent the rare Banksy I ordered to the wrong the address by mistake.
  • An email from a manufacturer informing me that the product was impossible to make. Resulting in 3 months of work with that individual all down the drain.
  • Attempted to make David Blames morning smoothie, resulting in over an hour of preparation, and a further 2 hours cleaning it up after exploding all over the kitchen.


If you look at the list of just some of the examples of what I experienced immediately upon waking up. You are most likely thinking these are really small and kind of pathetic. What’s your point? But, when you are in the motion of it all, it is easy to take it all completely out of context. And before you know it, you have started the day off on the analogy “I just woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.” But did you? Or was it the habit that I had created that was really setting my day up for failure, rather than success?

So after hitting the tipping point one morning, and identifying what appeared to be another stressful day from the word go. I perhaps put off something which I didn’t even think was a big deal, was actually a big deal. It was time for a change. This change did not come easy, and to get rid of a habit and install a new habit, is hard.

Below are outlines of some of the simple routines I have implemented into my life over the last 3-5 months. Note; routines CAN and SHOULD change over time.  It is like eating the same cereal as a kid every morning, eventually you get bored of it.  Although I would not recommend either, It is ok to change Frosties to the Honey-Nut Cheerios.

Change the thing you get bored of, for me I usually feel a need to change the protein, the rest I keep the pretty much the same. I would normally stick at each routine anywhere from 4-6 weeks until I felt that itch that I was getting bored of an element of the routine. So here below are some I have implemented.

Routine 1.

Protein shake. (Bio Trust Chocolate Whey Protein. 8x Blueberries, 6x almonds, 3 ice cubes. )

Bullet Proof Coffee. (Filtered coffee, grass fed butter, Braine Octane Oil.)

Head Space – (guided meditation app)

Journal – (Just write)

Routine 2. 

Protein shake. (BioTrust Chocolate whey protein, almond butter,1x bannana, 3 ice cubes.)

Aero Press coffee. (Blue Bottle Single Origin Coffee)

Read for an hour.

Journal (Just write)

Routine 3

Protein Shake. (100% Whey Strawberry, 1x banana, 8x berries, 1x cup of granola.)

Workout: Plyometrics,  running, swimming.

Bullet Proof Coffee. (Filtered coffee, grass fed butter, Braine Octane Oil.)

Journal. ( Just write)


Results & Actionable takeaways. 

As a result, I buy myself time. I buy myself from entering a world of which I can decide to join when I want to join. A world of noise and distraction, and where everyone wants to capture a moment of your time. I buy myself a morning where I get to be in control of my thoughts and my emotions. I now have the choice and I am in full control of my decision making. Instead of someone taking me down a road which  may not wish to go down, first thing upon waking. And the end result? A lot happier and calmer me.


1) Keep it simple, so simple that if you sent it to a friend that they would be able to replicate your routine.

2) If you do not know what to do to start off. Write out what are you currently doing, which you think is a bad habit and do the opposite.

3) It is maybe more important to know what NOT to do, opposed to what to do. Upon waking up, I will not start my day off by  (…………)

4) Repeat step one. Keep it simple!



Does this strike a note with you? I would love to hear your morning routine and if you have implemented or experience any of the above. If you like posts like this, about where I went wrong and what I learned and that could benefit you. Please let me know!

Peace and love, from California.