How To Be An Indispensable Intern


Imagine it for every person you meet.

You thought of some way to help them.

Something you could do for them.

You looked at it in a way that everything you did entirely for them.

You would develop a reputation for being indefensible.

You would have an enormous bank of favors to call up the road.


Helping yourself by helping others.

Making a concerted effort to trade your short term gratification for a longer term payoff.

Where everyone wants to be credited and respected.

You can forget the credit.

You can forget it so hard that you’re glad when others get it instead of you.

Be part of what’s going on around you.

Feast on it, adjust it.

There’s no one to perform for, there is just work to be done.

Pride blunts the very instrument we need to own in order to succeed.

Pride and ego say: I am an entrepreneur because I struck out on my own. I am going to win because I am currently in the lead. I am writer because I published something.

If you cant swallow your own pride, you cant lead. When you feel pride, the question one might ask themselves:

What am I missing right now that a more humble person might see?

What am I avoiding or running from?

You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.

The hard thing isn;t dreaming big.

The hard thing is doing the work.

We are simply talking about a lot of hours to get where we ant to achieve.

AS Bill Bradley put it. “Remember someone somewhere is practicing and when you meet him he will win.”

You can lie to yourself, saying that you put in the time or pretend you’re working, but eventually someone will show up.

You will be tested and possibly found out.

Make it so you don’t have to be found out.

Make it so you don’t have to fake it.

Make it so you don’t have to fake it, before you make it.

Compliments to Ryan Holiday