Cliff Notes: Tools Of Titans by Tim Ferriss

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Best of Tool of Titans: Health Chapter

Amelia Boone

  • Supplement: Beet Elite: Pre-race & Endurance

Rhonda Patrick

  • Sauna post workout: 20 mins: DOMS & Growth H
  • Hot Baths: 10 mins followed by IceBaths: 10 mins: Decrease Prolactin & DOMS

Christopher Summer

  • J-Curl
  • Headstand climbs: 10 reps

Dominic D’Agostino

  • Precision Xtra by Abbot: Test for Keto: .5 mmol = Light Ketosis 1-3mmol = mental clarity & longevity.
  • 75-80% Fat, 22-25g protein
  • Fasting: 1-3 days per year; rejuvenate cancer cells
  • How to Fast: 1) MCT oil upon waking – 3 more times throughout the day, 2-4 hours apart 2) Carry Smart water with you all day, a pinch of pink salt & lemon juice.
  • 1.5 to 2.5 per kilo of body weight fat intake
  • High protein will knock you out of ketosis
  • Sup: Magnesium or Natural Calm for body cramp.
  • Sup: Xtend BCAA

Whim Hof

  • Cold showers; Start warm, 60-second cold finish
  • One meal per day 6 pm
  • Heart to heart hug

Peter Attia

  • 4 deaths over 40: Heart Disease, Cardio v, Cancer, neuro
  • Sup: Magnesium: Healthy Kidneys: 600-800mg per day.
  • Sup: Lithium: 5g each morn: Anxiety
  • Workout: Heavy, intense strength training: Le Bron now to 60 years old.

Charles Poliquin

  • You need to deserve your carbs. Less than 10% body weight you can have carbs after work out. The stomach should be like penis skin.
  • Gd strength coach: Woman 12 chin ups; 12 weeks.
  • Sup: Magnesium threonine: 2g at last meal of the day before bed.
  • Squat: Ass stain on grass

Pavel Tsatosline

  • Warm up: Halos: Cross Squat
  • GYM: 1) Deadlifts: Heavy weight low reps: 2-3 reps -2-3 sets. 2) Plyometrics jumps/ sprints 15-20 3) 5 mins rest.

Triple H

  • Jetlag: Head straight to gym

Jane McGonial

  • Tetris for sleep anxiety

Tim Ferriss

  • Morning routine: Hit 3-5 of your routines to win the day.

Best of Tool of Titans: Wealthy Chapter 

Marc Andreesen

  • Are you charging enough for your products to afford the sales/ marketing?
  • IS your product any goo if people will not pay more?
  • Pivot = fuckup
  • Red team/ Blue Team

Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Book: Awaken Giant Within by Tony Robbins
  • It’s not what you know, its what you do consistently.
  • Ask “why” to find the answer as many times until you find it.
  • Confidence: Having a clear vision of what you want.
  • How can I carve a niche where I only can compete myself.

Derek Sivers

  • Start out saying “yes” to everything.
  • Don’t be a donkey.
  • Busy = out of control.  Say “hell yes” or no.

Tim (morning routine)

  • Write 3-5 things most anxious about.
  • What’s the one if done, would make everything else irrelevant.
  • 2-3 hours concentrated time. 10 mins here, 10 mins there – will not cut it (Paul G – Maker/ manager essay) Doing 10 things – usually, doesn’t result in an effective day. More efficient.
  • What you do is more important than how you do it.

Tony Robbins

  • Life is happening for us, not to us.
  • What you know doesn’t mean shit, what you do constantly mean everything
  • Learning – leads to action you create wealth
  • Action should be spent more than learning
  • Reason you are suffering is because you are focusing on yourself
  • Money – obsessed with not losing – Least amount of risk for maximum return

Peter Theil

  • Reframes the question to really understand what you are asking
  • If you had 10-yearar plan, why cant I achieve this in six months
  • Are you starting with big share of small market?
  • Have yo identified a unqie opportunity others do not see?
  • Do you have a wa to not just create but deliver your produxt?
  • Write someone a thank you note

Tim – MBA

  • Spent 2.5k per month testing muse busiensses
  • You can control risks, but you cant contorl the rewards. Go for it.

Scott Adams

  • What skills can I achieve while developing other relationships along the way.
  • Goals: Pick one down write 15 times every morning.
  • Become top 25% at a few things, rather than one thing.
  • Systems: even if result in failure – you still win in the outside world.

Ramit Sethi

  • Read: The Robert Collier Letter Book

Noah Kagen

  • Are you entrapenuror wantrepreneur

Neil Strauss

  • Do not accept the norms of your life

Justin Boreta

  • Be the silence that listens
  • Do not force things that feel forced.

Scott Belsky

  • Sometimes you need to stop doing things you love in order to nurture the one thing that matters most.
  • Look for the little simple things that give you the most success.
  • Are you inspired by the things that surprise you.
  • Young creative minds don’t need more ideas/ they need to take more responsibility with the idea they have already.

Peter D

  • Problems are gold mines. Solve the world’s biggest problems and worlds biggest opportunities.
  • Billionaire? Help a billion people
  • Name your “Three wins of the day.”
  • Why are you on this plannet? Why do I beleive this work is important to my purpose.
  • What did you do as a child? What did you want to be more than anything else?
  • What envrionment could you put yourself in to give you the most return on your time?