Cliff Notes: 34 Lessons Meeting Jordan Belfort (The Real Life Wolf Of Wall Street)

By March 10, 2017cliff notes

1) Are you a student? Do you want more money? Do you want more happiness?

2) Jordan is one hell of a communicator. And has clearly studied NLP.  It appears to be the same with any leader, CEO or even captain of a team – they are all great communicators.

3) ” You have to have the desire and have the  mind set to be an entrepreneur.”

4) NLP cases – ” We only have a short amount of time, so I cant fit all my material into our session.” Reverse psychology.

5) You making decisions, its like dipping your toe in hot water. You test it and it fucking hurts, then before you know it, you entire body is in the hot water. This is the same when making bad decisions in life. Before you know it,  you are fully emerged into deep water.  Make small decisions in the right direction.  You start associating yourself with the wrong people and it’s gets worse and worse until you explode.

6) My parents thought Sales man as  “slime buckets.” However everyday you sell yourself. You sell your point of view to others, you sell your children getting into bed. You sell what you want to do on the weekend with your friends. Selling is probably the most important thing you can learn. ( On this note, you never have to reinvent sales, look back on the last 10-20 items you have bought or you have spent money on which you didn’t think you were going to, what strategies were put in place, what made you buy X.)

7) Concentrate on the things you need to do which you keep putting off.

8) Have a vision for the way you want I make the world.  Power of intention and take it to reality. Intention – and have a system and that turns into reality. Not like the Secret (movie) – if you dream on the couch, that one day you will receive a $100k cheque in the mail, the only thing that will come through the mail is an eviction notice!

9) Motivation is like a warm bath, it wears off.

10) People who don’t to succeed, get over whelmed, when you feel overwhelmed you shut down, you do nothing, you feel there is too much to do, you have to make to many decisions and eventually you do nothing.
11) People who fail also have a shitty plan. They have no plan to set them self up for success.

12) When business fails – there is no plan! There is no customer path way. How do you take one customer and make him buy 5, 10, 15, 20 products off you, or even better. How do you make him a life long customer – perfect example Apple. (More on this read 1000 Tue Fans by Kevin Kelly). So how do you make a huge fan. One way is to over deliver hugely on the first delivery, massively!

13) People who fail– plans sucks! How do you prevent it ? Ans – Modelling – again, like sales you do not need to reinvent the wheel. Model someone else’s success. When Jordan was writing his book The Wolf of Wall Street, he could not find his voice. So he found a model that worked. And copied the style of the book Bon Fire by Tom Wolf. Find a pattern, and model that pattern.

14) Vision is more important than goals – visions turn me on! My vision should also turn other people on. People follow vision – people are thirsty with people with a vision, share your vision, then communicate that vision with other people, sell that vision with other people. You will accomplish everything and anything – when you have a clear vision. (Note on this: Investors do not buy someone with a great idea, they buy into someone with a clear and compelling vision.)

15) People are not closers – are people who can’t sell them selves out of a paper bag. Selling is everything in life. You sell yourself everyday, get over the concept that a salesman is a bad. A top salesman is his own man.

16) First thing to do is learn to sell yourself. You should believe you are the shit. If you don’t have a skill go out and get it and perfect the skill.  People who don’t do shit have a reason. They are like a duck, they have a reason for everything.  I can’t do this, I cant do that. On the other end – there are people who get shit done, these people are eagles. Choose if you want to be an eagle or a duck. Eagles soar.

17)  You are not the mistakes of your past.

18) State Management – how you feel.

You are either: Certainty or indecisive. Clarity or overwhelmed. Confident or self-doubt

You could have all the skills in the world but you become an emotional basket case. You need to have the ability to trigger of the state of the four c’s. ( Think meditation enables you to do this.)

You need to be able to find the zone, enter a state of mind where you can focus and be able to enter this peak state,  this sets you up for massive success. Train yourself to find this Zone.

19) Limiting beliefs – limiting beliefs get inserted into us. Your parents say things, you experience things and you get more limiting beliefs. You do a talk at school and you bombed out.  and you become so certain your belief is true. You have to get honest and become clear with yourself. What are your limiting beliefs?

20) Money doesn’t change you – it just expands you what you already are. If you are a dick, it just makes you a bigger dick.  Failure is an experience that will exaggerate a limiting belief
21) Entrepreneurs work heir ass off

People complain – you focus on the shit of life – you turn yourself into one giant shit magnet / you attract shit – you see shit – you believe in shit – if you change your focus –

22) Detailed description of your vision – extremely detailed vision of your vision – crystal clear vision for a vision 5 year down the line – where you focus is where you go – you move in the direction you focus – the vision ignites your brain – your brain chooses what to focus on – you observe important things around you – what you focus on you attract

23) Outer game of success

Rules of business and entrepreneurship. If you don’t know them you have to go and find them. Failing elegantly is a skill, minimize the time loss and the money loss.  The lessons are in the failures, however, fail elegantly, do not set yourself on fire.

24) MSI Multiple strings of income. How do you get a second source of income? People who struggle generally have one source of income. People who do really well have two three four income models.

25) Sales

Those who want your product and those who don’t. Don’t sell to people who don’t want it. Sell to people who already like your shit ie golf – people who love golf shit. Don’t turn nonbuyers into buyers. Who should we sell to first? Who else is doing it ? Show me their website – see al heir clients – sell to them – sweet spot / call people who are already inclined to buy –

26) Acting as if. Act as if you have confidence, act that way and you will become that way.

27) People won’t buy off you if you unless you reach these three critical criteria.

1) If they don’t perceive you are number 1 and sharp as attack.
2) Enthusiastic as hell
3) An expert in your field

28) When we are in the presence of experts we let them take control. When a Dr says bend over and spread your cheeks – you fucking do it – you ain’t going to do that to a random person who doesn’t not have the knowledge. We admire and listen to people who are an “expert in their field.”

29) This is your open this is your close / keep clients in their as long as possible – keep them on the boundaries – off the line you are out of control – when a salesman is not in control you are not In control – in control of the sale /

30) Don’t sell everything you have at the first go, you have to keep some artillery to save at the end. That is when you close.

31) Tonality and body language are important. Learn the tonality – How do you listen when someone talks to you? How do you give them feedback when they talk ?How do you look when they talk?

33) You are looking to Build certainty. You want to get them to 10 – people buy emotion, not logic – emotional certainty.  You have to create emotional and logical certainty

34) If you dont have the skills to meet your goals, go out and get them.