The Monthly Dose: Books, Quotes and Launch of a New Venture

By January 13, 2017The Monthly Dose

A short post of some of the best things I dived into over the Christmas holidays:

Top recent book purchases (In order): 

Is This A Man by Primo Levi (Insightful)

Happy by Derren Brown (Stoicism & Self/help )

Ego is the Enemy  by Ryan Holiday (Strategy)

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss (Productivity)

Quotes for the new year:

“To whatever you aspire, ego is your enemy.’ Ryan Holiday

“There are things in your life which you are in control of, and those you’re not. You need to not care about those things which you’re not in control of, and when you come to really understand that, you can go from being really upset about something to that lovely feeling of being a kid where everything is okay.” Derren Brown.

One thing I think will be a big trend in 2017

Ketogenic & low carb diets: I have been experimenting with the Keto diet for the last 2 months: A simple rule to follow when trying the keto diet. Whenever you feel hungry, just tell yourself the following mantra like a caveman: “I need fat, find the fat.”

Another great visual. Is to weight around 20-30 grams of carbohydrates. You will realize just how few carbs you will be consuming.

If looking for supplements for the Keto diet – BulletProof is my no.1 go to.

A small project I have recently launched:

Kiyoshi Golf; one off bespoke golf gear.

Offering some of the most exclusive brands in golf, which include; Miura, PXG, Scotty Cameron, Kiyoshi Golf Head Covers, The 2-Minuete Golf Journal and much, much more.

Warning; For die-hard golf fans only 🙂

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas holidays 

Treat every day like it was the 1st of January, and we should all be able to accomplish our dreams for the year 🙂

Kia Kaha,